500mg Full Spectrum CBD – Regular Strength (15ml)

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Whether you’re new to CBD and looking to inexpensively give it a try or a dedicated user unsure if a new brand will deliver results, this is the product for you! Premium full spectrum oil made affordable in a convenient trial/travel size format; each 15ml bottle contains 500mg CBD (that’s 17mg / day of CBD for 30days) at an unbeatable price.


  • Description

    Our flagship formula,  the 500mg Full Spectrum tincture offers 33mg CBD per dose in a trial/travel sized format at unbeatable price. Golden in color, this 100% all natural product has a light, easy finish new and seasoned CBD users alike will appreciate.

    Most competitors charge double or more for similar strength products. With 15 days of regular strength doses or 30 days of 17mg doses, our 500 is perfect for newcomers looking to try CBD and experts tired of shelling $35-$50 for similar strength bottles.

    You won’t be sacrificing quality for price either: every product we make is 3rd party tested for potency and purity, as well as any pesticides, chemicals, or other heavy metals. You’ll find those results in our “full panel” Certificates of Authenticity (COA section).

    And speaking of quality, our farm to bottle model gives us complete control over the entire process: our hemp is Colorado grown on our own farms, hand harvested, naturally cured, and self extracted (using one of the largest, most advanced CO2 extractors in North America). You simply won’t find a higher quality, affordably priced oil anywhere.



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    Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 4.1875 in
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    563 reviews for 500mg Full Spectrum CBD – Regular Strength (15ml)

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    1. Glori

      It was a great product that I plan to purchase.

    2. Mariah

      Love these drops! Out of all the other brands I have tried i could definitely tell a difference!

    3. Jennifer

      I suffer from chronic pain every day and this is the best product ever and I highly recommend it

    4. Coca

      Helped with pain and recommend

    5. Anna

      very strong, lovely product, will be purchasing

    6. Patrice

      This is a really nice CBD brand. I like it stronger.

    7. Heather

      Great product for body aches

    8. Sherry

      RYTE CBD 500MG Full Spectrum Tincture is a great CBD oil! I’ve tried a lot of CBD oil brands lately and this is one of the better ones. Full-spectrum so you get all the terpenes, nice buttery taste, high dosage so you don’t have to use much, large size bottles available through the website so regular users don’t end up with a zillion little empty bottles, and an affordable price! Overall I’m very happy!

    9. Francis

      I loved it. Camled me down immensely and got rid of all my pain.

    10. Tammy

      The taste of this product was fantastic! To me, it tasted like you had just eaten pecans. One dropper a day is what’s recommended and is something I’d definitely purchase again!

    11. Melisa

      I love this product omg,my knee aches were gone headaches subsided it us awesome. This product is easy to use and very potent which allows you to know that it is working

    12. Chandra

      I have noticed an improvement in my arthritis in the mornings

    13. Tina

      This CBD oil had a pleasant taste to it with no bad after taste. Since using this I have noticed less pain in my ankles and I seem to be sleeping better.

    14. Debra

      Great quality cbd oil. Love that they use MCT oil since I use it everyday anyway. I sleep better and it has helped my anxiety so its a win-win for me.

    15. Clyteal

      This cbd worked really well. Took it to calm my nerves and it worked.

    16. Yuli

      This product works amazing and I was glad to try it, as I didn’t know how it worked. I do recommend it to others

    17. Shannon

      This Ryte CBD 500MG Spectrum Tincture is a great product . It helps to calm and to help me sleep . I would recommend this product to everyone

    18. Vanessa

      Good product! I enjoyed it!

    19. Misty

      This really helped me in glad I got to sample it

    20. Kevin

      Helped me sleep better. Works better than other brands I’ve tried.

    21. Elizebeth

      I love that this helps with my daily pain.

    22. Ramona

      i love it

    23. Shari

      I shared this product with my son. My grandson has autism and a few drops helped him relax and calm down when he gets anxious.

    24. Karen

      This oil is a fantastic sleep aid, although it tastes a bit marijuana-y, it doesn’t sting the throat like other ones I’ve used

    25. Tonya

      I loved loved loved this full spectrum tincture. It has helped be big time with my anxiety and sleeping. I totally recommend this product to everyone!!!!

    26. Trish

      Great quality cbd oil

    27. Joycelyn

      Fabulous ! Helped me relax and sleep

    28. Pam

      I was nervous trying this but I went for it and its amazing. I don’t much about cbd oil but what its done for me is helps me relax and I can sleep. Weirdly I’ve lost some weight while taking it. Im very obese so this was great surprise. Even my joints feel better. I went online to buy more and was confused by other brands n I purchased one n it did not measure up. The amount of ingredient was a 1/3 of what is in RYTE and u can tell difference. Plus I like the natural taste if RYTE instead of the fake flavor I got with other brand. This sample of RYTE was actully life changing for my body. Thank you Sampler

    29. Arunice

      I used it for fatigue

    30. Mary

      It’s relaxing and stress free

    31. Morgan

      Purchased a full size bottle, great product
      that works well for me.

    32. Arlyne

      I love this product. I definitely would recommend it to family and relatives.

    33. Tara

      This was really nice for an oil. I don’t typically try oils but I may buy this one again!

    34. Arianna

      Works well and no weird aftertaste.

    35. Judy

      I was overall pleased with the product, it worked as described.

    36. Crystal

      I am obsessed!!

    37. Vanessa

      I really like this so far! I take half a dropper sublingually an hour before bed and sleep like a baby!

    38. Tanika

      I didn’t get a chance to use this because the bottle was broken in my sample box. I was excited to get it buy hate that I wasn’t able to try it

    39. Tanya

      Ryte CBD tinture really works. It helps me relax without any drug-feeling. The price makes it a great option compared to other CBD options out there.

    40. Pia

      Helped with my leg psin

    41. Tiffany

      Worked really great for my after work aches and pains. I also found that using it just before I went to sleep helped me have a restful sleep uninterrupted by an overactive mind.

      Calming and the taste wasn’t bad, either.

    42. Nic

      Great product will but again I love it it helps me sleep and relax it’s an amazing product I will recommend

    43. Leah

      RYTE CBD is some of the best CBD I’ve ever used. One dropper full sends me straight to sleep.

    44. Sandra

      Good product

    45. DORA

      Helped me feel less stressed

    46. Ariel

      My husband gets bad social anxiety. He runs a machine at work and everyone relies on him. It gets frustrating so I gave him this bottle and he’s been taking a dropper full in the morning with coffee to help his day. I’d definitely like to get him a higher strength in this

    47. Hendrika

      Easy to use. Feels good and very effective!

    48. Cassie

      Wow! This stuff does all kinds of good. It helps with everything. It’s a great product. I’d recommend it to everyone!

    49. LINDA


    50. Darla

      This is a wonderful product. I will purchase this soon