500mg Full Spectrum CBD – Regular Strength (15ml)

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Whether you’re new to CBD and looking to inexpensively give it a try or a dedicated user unsure if a new brand will deliver results, this is the product for you! Premium full spectrum oil made affordable in a convenient trial/travel size format; each 15ml bottle contains 500mg CBD (that’s 17mg / day of CBD for 30days) at an unbeatable price.


  • Description

    Our flagship formula,  the 500mg Full Spectrum tincture offers 33mg CBD per dose in a trial/travel sized format at unbeatable price. Golden in color, this 100% all natural product has a light, easy finish new and seasoned CBD users alike will appreciate.

    Most competitors charge double or more for similar strength products. With 15 days of regular strength doses or 30 days of 17mg doses, our 500 is perfect for newcomers looking to try CBD and experts tired of shelling $35-$50 for similar strength bottles.

    You won’t be sacrificing quality for price either: every product we make is 3rd party tested for potency and purity, as well as any pesticides, chemicals, or other heavy metals. You’ll find those results in our “full panel” Certificates of Authenticity (COA section).

    And speaking of quality, our farm to bottle model gives us complete control over the entire process: our hemp is Colorado grown on our own farms, hand harvested, naturally cured, and self extracted (using one of the largest, most advanced CO2 extractors in North America). You simply won’t find a higher quality, affordably priced oil anywhere.



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    Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 4.1875 in
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    563 reviews for 500mg Full Spectrum CBD – Regular Strength (15ml)

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    1. Melissa

      Just a couple drops under my tongue and it helps me sleep.

    2. Traci

      I have used CBS oil before and I like this brand more.it helped with my chronic pain and will buy more

    3. Tracy

      It’s good

    4. Tricia

      Helped with my muscle pain and anxiety.

    5. Elizabeth

      Weird after taste , not sure if I’d purchase

    6. Rhoda

      I have used this a few times since I received it and have noticed that it has helped with my sleep, and I wake up with less aches in the morning.

    7. Megan

      good product

    8. Danii

      Great cbd! Enjoyed using this product and I would recommend it

    9. Machelle

      A great blend of hemp oil and not oil with no harsh taste. hoping to find relief in some aches and pains.

    10. Courtney

      Seems to work well

    11. Rachel

      Taste is weird but it’s my first time trying and CBD product so maybe that’s normal.

    12. Nanaz

      Great product I wish it came with a flavor so you don’t taste the hemp aftertaste. But does it’s job :))) thank you for the sample.

    13. Stella

      It was ok. But I’m not into CBD oils. But this really did the job it’s meant for. Did use all the bottle, thou. Still trying to educate myself about CBD oils.

    14. Sheryl

      Worked well. Need to try some more before I know more about its use.

    15. Lisa

      Felt good after using it

    16. Angelina

      I was very upset the bottle leaked and it was not even half of a bottle wish it was actually full

    17. Robert

      This is a pretty good product at a good price. I was disappointed that it leaked in shipping.

    18. Trish

      Pretty good. Seems a little runny, but not too overwhelming of a smell

    19. Lourie

      I liked that Ryte CBD is full spectrum. It takes off the edge and turns down the pain and stress.

    20. Kerry Ann

      Loved how well this worked. Helped with my pain levels and my sleep. Would love to try a flavor next time.

    21. Amanda

      Seems to work pretty well. Was the first time I’d tried a product like this and was impressed.

    22. Mark

      It helped with my anxiety. Just a drop or two worked for me. Will buy it depending on the price.

    23. Mary

      It is good

    24. Natasha

      Full spectrum is the way to go to get the most benefits from cbd! Easy to use. Helped me to feel relaxed.

    25. CLAUDIA

      I can sense a little bit of feeling better

    26. Marcela

      RYTE CBD 500MG Full Spectrum Tincture, little bit oily but amazing quality. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

    27. Penni

      My husband used this. He uses CBD products for pain relief and he stated that it worked fast and was as good as the product he normally purchases.

    28. Kristen

      I was leary about trying it at first. I tried it and I like the results that it gave me. I was pain free while using it. I would recommend this product to others that have pain in their lives.

    29. Steven

      I noticed an increased feeling of well being when putting a few drops under the tongue. I recommend using in times of high stress to help with calmness and clarity.

    30. Cindy

      Truly helps me get a good nights sleep. Tastes a little funky though.

    31. Donna

      Not sure how this product works.or not works.by I seem to mellow a bit after taking it.

    32. Connie

      Helped me sleep and seemed to relieve my phanthom pain.

    33. Amy

      It was ok

    34. Beverly

      I couldn’t believe how well this was

    35. Janet

      Helps me get to sleep easier

    36. Vanessa

      It tasted weird. I

    37. Kathy

      I haven’t really been able to try this, I had a cold and sore throat and didn’t want to try this until I was completely over my cold. But I will be trying soon and will definitely let you know what I think of it.

    38. Maricris

      it helps me to relax and sleep.. i just dont like the taste of it..

    39. Rebecca

      For some reason my sample was half spilled and leaked through the box which sucked because this stuff is amazing and gave me the most relaxed feeling and helped me sleep. Most definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get rid of anxiety or who have problems sleeping

    40. Bailey

      It has a bad taste but it seems to relax me before bed

    41. Salma


    42. Fran

      This product is the only one that has actually relaxed me and eased anxiety..I will be purchasing.

    43. Lori

      It helped me with my insomnia issue

    44. Zuled

      Worked great. Is super helpful throughout my day. And extremely helpful at night when it’s time to wind down and go to bed

    45. JOANNE

      RYTE CBD 500MG Full Spectrum Tincture helps relax you and ease your pain.

    46. Tasha

      The tincture relieved some inflammation, however the relief did not last very long. It did, however, help me sleep.

    47. Caroline

      This product worked great. Digests quickly and doesn’t taste as bad as others i have tasted. Overall satisfied.

    48. Nadine

      I loved it. It made me calm, lesser stressed, and stopped the pain. I thought the taste would be awful. It wasn’t awful and taste wasn’t that bad. I’ll b buying more.

    49. Melinda

      Helpful with everything day pain and rest.

    50. Kerri

      This is probably the best cbd tincture that I have tried to date. This stuff works so good I was amazed. It really helps me belly issues. Thanks Sampler