500mg Full Spectrum CBD – Regular Strength (15ml)

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Whether you’re new to CBD and looking to inexpensively give it a try or a dedicated user unsure if a new brand will deliver results, this is the product for you! Premium full spectrum oil made affordable in a convenient trial/travel size format; each 15ml bottle contains 500mg CBD (that’s 17mg / day of CBD for 30days) at an unbeatable price.


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    Our flagship formula,  the 500mg Full Spectrum tincture offers 33mg CBD per dose in a trial/travel sized format at unbeatable price. Golden in color, this 100% all natural product has a light, easy finish new and seasoned CBD users alike will appreciate.

    Most competitors charge double or more for similar strength products. With 15 days of regular strength doses or 30 days of 17mg doses, our 500 is perfect for newcomers looking to try CBD and experts tired of shelling $35-$50 for similar strength bottles.

    You won’t be sacrificing quality for price either: every product we make is 3rd party tested for potency and purity, as well as any pesticides, chemicals, or other heavy metals. You’ll find those results in our “full panel” Certificates of Authenticity (COA section).

    And speaking of quality, our farm to bottle model gives us complete control over the entire process: our hemp is Colorado grown on our own farms, hand harvested, naturally cured, and self extracted (using one of the largest, most advanced CO2 extractors in North America). You simply won’t find a higher quality, affordably priced oil anywhere.



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    563 reviews for 500mg Full Spectrum CBD – Regular Strength (15ml)

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    1. Cristina Caban

      I have had this CBD oil in my possession I want to say for a few months now and I just kept hesitating to take it. I suffer from anxiety and literally my brain just does not shut off sometimes and I had a really rough week at the beginning of this week. I decided to try the CBD oil and today makes a whole week since I started it and I am glad I did. It helps shut down and or slow down shall I say that part of my brain that just keeps me so anxious it mellows me out. It does wear out a little fast in my opinion I wish I could last a little longer but I definitely have noticed a positive Change with my anxiety when I take this oil. Maybe now I can try to relax a little bit and go get my drivers license that I haven’t been able to get in years I will definitely update you guys in a review if and when that happens. Very good price and I really like this product and how my body feels and reacts to it it’s not nasty it doesn’t really have a taste to it it’s not bitter and it’s easy to take . I also don’t get any unpleasant side effects which was a worry of mine and the ingredients are pretty clean and it is also low in calorie.

    2. Tia K

      I’ve had arthritis aches a pains for over a decade. Alleve and long soaks in epsom salts helped, but my arthritis had migrated to my hips and shoulders, making sleep a challenge. I ordered the feel sample for 500mg full spectrum CBD, and followed the instructions to a T. After taking one full dropper a day, and holding in under my tongue for 30 seconds, I was less achy by day 3. I’ve been using it consistently since, and I have to say I am sleeping better, and I am able to be more active because my joints just aren’t stiff and aching anymore. No more Alleve – just one dropper of CBD oil a day. So glad I gave this a try – it was kind of my last resort before heading to a doctor’s office to get something prescribed.

    3. Madison H

      I get overwhelmed easily and needed help calming down. This CBD has been a complete game changer for me

    4. Barb R

      Getting older is rough. I need whole body relief on a daily basis, and this CBD has transformed how I feel

    5. Brandon V.

      age-related pain is a real thing. CBD really helps my body feel less stiff when I wake up in the morning

    6. harry

      an effective blend of CBD oil

    7. Geraldine

      wanted to try CBD and did not want to spend too much money. This was a great intro because I tried another brand but couldn’t handle the taste. This was in more mild, still tastes a little like plant, but not bad. i take it every night before bed

    8. Camden

      I have arthritis in both knees and depending on how active I am on a given day, I can barely walk by the end of the day. CBD has really helped my inflammation and now I take it all the time without any issues.

    9. Monique

      I got this from the ryte booth at a show and the price was so good I couldn’t pass it up. I was new to CBD and didn’t want to spend too much money before knowing the product would help with my anxiety. I tried this for a week and ended up buying a bigger bottle! This really helps take down the chatter in my brain.

    10. Jemma

      Happy with the price, happy with the effects. I tend to spend a lot of money on health products and it adds up quickly. CBD was the most expensive thing I took every day, and I wanted to find a great oil that was less expensive. I have been ordering ryte for a year now!

    11. Hal

      I tried this in my tea consistently every morning and noticed my pain levels did not get as high as they normally do in the afternoons. I now take this twice a day, morning and night, and it has been the best thing for my joint stiffness.

    12. Ronite N

      I love CBD for aches and pains, which I have daily to some degree. I like the oil vs gummies so I can adjust the dosage based on my symptoms a bit easier.

    13. Marilyn

      I wanted to give CBD a try and not spend too much money. This was the perfect size to see if it would reduce my stress. After taking it every day for a week, I definitely noticed a difference and now take about a dropper and a half.