• What is CBD?

    CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a naturally-occurring chemical compound found in the cannabis plant or hemp plant. When most people think of “cannabis”, they immediately think of Marijuana, but CBD is not Marijuana. It’s actually just one of over 100 naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant.

    These compounds interact with receptors located throughout your nervous system, helping to everything from sleep and pain to anxiety.

    CBD oil is made by extracting the CBD compound from the hemp plant, a process that pulls the CBD molecule from the plant. The CBD is then mixed with what’s called a carrier oil – ours is organic coconut – and either bottled or added as an ingredient to other products like gummies or lotions.

  • What's the difference between CBD oil and Hemp Oil?

    A lot of people use these terms interchangeably because CBD oil is derived from cannabis plants classified as Industrial Hemp – a legal term that simply means the plants contain less than .3% THC.

    Where it gets confusing is hemp oil is typically derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant. For this reason, it’s also commonly referred to as hemp seed oil. Truthfully, it’s not much different from other seed-based oils such as sunflower and canola.

    CBD oil on the other hand is derived from the flower and leaves on the hemp plant. It also contains CBD, where a lot of hemp oils might contain no CBD at all.

    The manufacturing process is also different for CBD and hemp seed oils. Since CBD naturally occurs in cannabis flowers, it must be extracted and refined. Hemp seeds do contain a small amount of CBD, but not enough to use in CBD oil production

    So you can think of it like this: all CBD oil is “hemp oil”, because of it’s origin,  but not all “hemp oil” products actually contain CBD.


  • Will your CBD oil make me feel "high"?

    No, CBD will not make you feel high.

    That high feeling actually comes from another compound found in the cannabis plant, THC (short for delta 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is psychoactive and causes the sensation of getting “high” that’s often associated with marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive.

    The federal government has set strict rules for CBD products: legally they must contain less than .3% THC. All of our products are manufactured within strict compliance of these rules. We also make sure every batch is independently 3rd party tested and those results are published on our product page.

    While our Full Spectrum Oil does have trace amounts of THC present, the tiny amount isn’t enough to produce the high feeling you’re thinking of.


  • How do I know if this is safe?

    CBD (hemp) extract made from plants grown on our state regulated Colorado farm and organic MCT (coconut oil). That’s it! And we control the entire process from farm to bottle so we know exactly what’s going into our product.

    We also follow rigorous testing protocols, testing our products every step of the way to ensure no contaminates or impurities entered the process at any point.

    You can find the final product test results on the product page under the COA section.

  • Are there different kinds of CBD oil?

    CBD, or cannabidiol is just another chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. While there are lots and lots of strains of cannabis (or hemp) plants, the CBD is the same molecule no matter what.

    That’s why when other companies say things like “the purest CBD” we just laugh and call it marketing nonsense; that’s sort of like saying “the purest corn or soybean”.

    There is a difference, however in the extracted oil; not in the CBD itself, but everything else in the oil. The “everything else” – other cannabinoids, plant material, and terpenes will effect not only the taste and color, but potentially a product’s efficacy.

    More important is what the “everything else” shouldn’t include: that’s heavy metals (such as lead), other harmful microbials, or other chemicals and solvents used during the extraction process. All RYTE products must register a “Non-Detect” for any of the above from a 3rd party lab test before they can be sold.


  • How do I use it?

    Like any supplement, CBD needs to enter your blood stream to be effective; that means you can use it orally or topically.

    Our tincture and gummie products are intended to be taken orally. Our oil products are intended to be taken under the tongue (hold for 30 seconds) but can also be added to food and beverages to mask the taste.  Taking the tincture under the tongue  (sublingually is the technical term) also allows for faster absorption into the body, similar to other products like Orally Disintegrating Tablets, which enter the blood stream through the thin dermal layer under your tongue.

    Our gummies are intended to be chewed and digested. Some people like gummies for how easy they are.

    Lastly we offer topical products, intended specifically for application onto the skin. We highly recommend not ingesting the topicals, despite being all natural. Beeswax just doesn’t taste very good.

    Before using any item, just make sure you read the instructions, and as with any supplements or beauty products, you should try a small amount beforehand; while hemp oil itself doesn’t have side effects, you may have a reaction to products with additional ingredients.

  • How much should I take?

    This is the most frequently asked question of any we receive. It’s also the most difficult to answer!

    How much you should take depends on a number of factors including things like body type (weight, height, fat  / muscle percent relative to total body mass), your system’s tolerance for cannabinoids, and other factors such as liver enzymes.

    For this reason we recommend everyone just starting out with CBD to start low and go slow dosage wise and see how your body responds. That DOESN’T mean using just a few drops; it means starting out with around a half filled dropper  – the equivalent to about 16mg of CBD. Remember, each of our droppers are ALREADY calibrated to 1mL, or 33mg of CBD.

    It’s also helpful to know while some people might need a little more or less to feel like they are experiencing benefits, 90% of ALL users indicate getting results around that 30mg mark – which is why our droppers are calibrated to 33mg per dose.

  • How much CBD is in a dropper?

    This really depends on if you’re using the regular strength or extra strength formula.

    To keep it simple, ALL of our droppers are calibrated to 1mL dose regardless of bottle size. That means there’s 33mg of CBD in a full dropper from a 500mg bottle, 1000mg bottle, or 4000mg bottle.

    The 8000mg bottle – our extra strength product – is twice as concentrated, meaning there is 67mg of CBD per mL dose.

    Sometimes people want to take more or less though so this is also helpful to know – there are approximately 20 drops per full dropper. That means there’s just about 1.7mg of CBD per DROP in our regular strength formulas. 10 drops would then be 17mg. Our extra strength formula offers double that, or 3.4mg per drop (and 34mg per 10 drops or half mL).



  • Why aren't there lines on the dropper? Can I get a different dropper?

    While each of our droppers are calibrated to 1mL, we intentionally don’t use droppers with painted markings you might be more familiar with.

    The reason is the paint used to make those markings can contain lead or other harmful chemicals, and the natural terpenes in the tincture will act as a solvent and “eat away” at the paint. The last thing we want is you taking a tincture with paint particles floating around!

    Our droppers are also child-proof. That means you’ll need to push them down while turning to open the bottle. We’ve heard this can be difficult for some, but by most everyone gets used to opening the bottle after doing it several times.

  • How does it taste?

    We like to think we have one of the best tasting, cleanest oils in the entire industry – primarily because we undertake a secondary distillation process which removes much of the bitter plant extract.

    That said, everyone’s taste buds are slightly different. If you’re new to CBD products, you’ll likely find they have an “earthy”, slightly bitter or peppery aftertaste. For some it’s more faint than others, but you’ll not mistake the CBD for a lollipop.

    If you’ve taken a few or even many products, you’ll find our oil to be far less “hempy” or earthy than any of our competitors. You’ll also notice our oil’s light golden hue – again because we’ve removed most of the plant impurities while crafting this all natural extract.

  • When can I expect to see results?

    CBD works best when you take it every day and it could take up to a few days for your body to respond. Some people report feeling results much sooner – even after just a single dose – while others have said it took a few days for them to feel the full effects. Your body type can also play a part in how it responds to CBD as well as the dosage you’re taking. We suggest starting out with at least a half dropper (about 10 drops) which is the equivalent of 16mg CBD; from there you’ll increase to a full dropper (the droppers are calibrated to a single mL or the equivalent of a 33mg dose).

  • Where does your oil come from?

    Our premium oil is made from non-GMO industrial hemp plants grown on our own farm in northern Colorado, just outside of Boulder. We hand harvest and cure each plant, ensuring only the highest quality plants are selected, and we extract using one of the largest C02 extraction machines in the country at our Louisville based factory.

    We follow strict FDA guidelines throughout the manufacturing process;  That means following good manufacturing protocols, testing every step through the process to ensure safety, and ensuring what’s on the label is in the bottle.

    At RYTE we believe controlling the entire process makes for a better product at a lower cost. It’s why we grow all our own plants following organic guidelines and extract using only CO2 – meaning no harsh chemicals are ever used in the process. Controlling the process also allows us to keep our costs down which we pass on to directly to our consumers.

  • Is your CBD oil the same quality as the oil I’m used to taking?

    If you’re used to taking any of the established brands, such as Charlottes Web, cbdMD, Medterra, or CBDistillery, we’d actually say our oil is at least as good…if not better. Not because there’s more or less CBD – again, CBD is only a molecule – but because we use a refinement process we believe is superior to anything on the market.

    And just like the more established brands, every batch is 3rd party lab tested – and we encourage you to compare our Certificate of Analysis (COA) results against your current CBD product.

    Every bottle we make traces directly back to the batch and is free of solvents, additives, and other contaminants.

    The biggest difference is obviously price. We launched RYTE to offer high quality oils at a fraction of the prices of the brands listed above.

  • How is your CBD oil different from other CBD tinctures?

    Because we refine our oil using an extra step called distillation,  we can offer one of the purest, cleanest oils available anywhere. Our tinctures have an especially smooth, mild taste and are a beautiful golden color – which we don’t hide in a dark amber bottle. But the biggest difference is the price per serving! Your cost per serving (33mg) is just less than 67 cents – that’s a savings of over a dollar a day over other leading brands.

  • How can you price your oil so much lower than competitors?

    Two reasons, really:

    1. We are 100% farm to bottle, have one of the largest Co2 extractors in the country and our team is dedicated to increasing CBD access through affordability. In other words, we want and do pass along our cost savings to you.
    2. Our mission as a company is to make CBD accessible to EVERYONE (not just folks who can plop down $80 bucks to $100 bucks a month), and has been so since the day we put our first plant in the ground. It also means everything we do as a company is in service of that mission –  keeping costs and spending low so we can be THE value brand in the industry.

  • How should I store your products?

    Well, for starters store them in a place you can easily access on a daily basis. Our CBD can’t help you from the bottom of a bathroom drawer!

    You’ll also want to avoid direct sunlight exposure and high heat – so maybe not on the dashboard of your vehicle. A cool dry place like a kitchen or medicine cabinet is good, just not the fridge: not because the cool air is bad for the CBD, but because it could potentially cause the CBD oil to separate from the MCT carrier oil if left for long periods of time.

  • These prices seem really low - too good to be true. What's the catch?

    Maybe that’s really just a question of perspective; are our prices too low, or has the industry settled on prices that are too high?

    We launched RYTE to disrupt what we’ve long viewed as near – predatory pricing by industry players. While at one point early in 2016 or 2017 when there were only a few companies and limited amount of supply, both farming and processing have improved dramatically since that time.  In 2016 maybe 50,000 acres of hemp were grown in the US; today that number is closer to 500,000 acres.

    We believe in producing a superior product and offering it a fair price, not what the market is willing to pay. We’re not trying to raise money or “go public” – we’re trying to earn customers one tincture at a time. That means pricing our products for the real world – so we, our parents, and our friends can afford them.

  • Why are your bottles so BIG?

    We make products we ourselves would want to purchase – and our big bottle was the one product we always wished we’d had when we were working at other companies.

    We like to say if you could buy CBD at Costco, Sam’s, or B.J.’s it would be our big bottle!

    We think not having to buy a little bottle every month is a huge benefit. We also think there’s a mental block with the little bottle; CBD is meant to be used daily, not savored for special occasions, and the more you have the more you’re willing to use.

    Lastly there’s the affordability: it’s simply far cheaper to put 4000mg or 8000mg in one bottle than to make 4 1000mg or 2000mg bottles.